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Advantages and Price of Basalt Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2020-07-31

Basalt is widely used, and its application is not limited to the construction industry. Basalt is the best material used in roads, railways and airport runways. It has strong compressive resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and asphalt adhesion. Basalt has the advantages of wear-resisting, less water draft, poor electrical conductivity, strong compressive resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and asphalt adhesion, etc., and has been internationally recognized as the best foundation stone for the development of railway transportation and road transportation.

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Basalt sand making machine is a sand making equipment developed by our company according to the crushing characteristics of basalt, also known as vertical shaft impact crusher. Basalt sand making machine has the advantages of reliable performance, stable operation, less maintenance and long service life. Basalt sand making machines produced by our company have various models. We can customize basalt sand making machines according to the production requirements of users, so as to ensure users can obtain high profits.

Advantages of basalt sand making machine

1. High performance impact block

The high quality alloy of foreign countries is used to replace the traditional manganese steel and casting alloy in China, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the impact block and the crushing capacity of the sand making machine.

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2. Unique accessories

The basalt sand making machine produced by the company adopts the unique spindle and bearing design, which can improve the load-resisting capacity of the equipment as far as possible, reduce the failure rate of the equipment and increase the output.

3. High safety performance

Basalt sand making machine is equipped with high performance safety guarantee device, which improves the production safety and operation stability of the equipment and ensures personal safety.

4. Green and environmental protection

The basalt sand making machine has passed strict environmental protection assessment and testing, which can fully guarantee the environmental protection and sustainable operation of production.

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5. Optimizing and upgrading the operating economy

The new basalt equipment has been optimized and upgraded in many aspects to extend the service life of the components from the structural design. The internal function adheres to the principle of energy saving and consumption reduction and is equipped with high-quality green motor.

Price of basalt sand making machine

Basalt sand making machine can be divided into different prices according to different types of equipment purchased by customers. PLS vertical shaft sand making machine can be divided into different price points according to different equipment types. It is mainly divided into 5 models with a price range of $15,000- $80,000. The sand output is about 40%, and the output particles are less than 5mm. At present, Luoyang Dahua also has mobile crushing station for sand making machine. There are two forms: one is tyre mobile station and the other is crawler mobile station, both of which have the same advantages: covering a small area, easy to move. The advantages of crawler type are mainly reflected in the convenience of intelligent control, not limited to the site, still walk freely on the rugged mountain road. Want to know more about the price of sand making machine, please send email to!

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