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New Type Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2020-08-03

Sand making machine is the equipment used in the field of artificial sand making production line. Sand making machine provides a variety of high quality stone for high-rise buildings, hydropower stations, and concrete mixing station. The following is the details about the new sand making machine.

new sand making machine

1. Working principle of new sand making machine

Ore falls from the feed hopper to the upper feed plate in the crushing chamber. The material is thrown into the inner wall of the barrel through the centrifugal force of the feed plate, and has a violent collision with the inner guard plate. Material entering the cone - shaped rotor cavity will spiral into the cone - shaped space. After pressing and squeezing, the cracked ore will be broken further. Because of the tilt between the cone rotor and the liner, smaller materials move downward and can be automatically graded from large to small. The material is hit by the hammer head in the conical rotor cavity, the high-speed block material collides again with the opposite plate, and the material flow collides with each other, so as to crush the material through impacting, striking and shearing, thus improving the crushing efficiency.

2. Features of new sand making machine

Its high efficiency and energy saving performance is other types of sand making machine cannot be compared. The new sand making machine has not only stable and reliable performance, but also strong pressure resistance. It is small, light, easy to move, easy to maintain and easy to replace. Compared with other equipment of the same power, this sand making machine has large processing capacity and high output. Its outstanding feature is that it pays attention to environmental protection in the production concept, with relatively low working noise and no pollution, and its service life is 10-15 years longer than other traditional equipment.

sand making machine features

3. How to choose the new sand making machine

When choosing a sand machine, it's better to go to the factory for field investigation, to see whether the production capacity is satisfied with the sales service. Before purchasing, you must ask if there is any relevant pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. All these are necessary guarantees to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In addition, you must choose a product that suits your needs and consider your cost budget. 

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