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Which Kind of Sand Making Machine can break the Stone to 5mm?

author:dahua time:2020-08-04

Bluestone also known as limestone is widely used in highways, high-speed railways, rural roads, building sand and other fields. Bluestone is an ideal material for the construction industry. Bluestone sand making machine can process bluestone into 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 16-31.5mm, with good quality and in line with the production standard of building sand (gravel). To meet the market demand for sandstone, there are two types of sand making machine (fixed and mobile) and three series of sand making machine (PLS, PFL, PLK). So, what kind of sand making machine is suitable for crushing bluestone into 0-5mm sand? What's the price?

stone sand making machine

Which kind of sand making machine is used to make sand?

There are many types of sand making machines that can process bluestone to 0-5 mm. Which one is more suitable? Let's first understand the advantages of these two types and three series of sand making machine, and then determine which one is more appropriate.

Stationary sand making machine

PLS sand making machine: PLS sand making machine is a kind of sand making machine with high sales volume on the market. Its processing capacity is in the range of 16-410t/h. The equipment adopts vertical structure, small volume, less floor space, simple installation and high output.

PFL sand making machine: this equipment is mainly developed based on the characteristics of bluestone, is a new sand making machine with mature technology, and good effect, can deal with ≤100mm bluestone, output 45-355t/h.

PLK sand making machine: this equipment is a new sand making equipment developed by using foreign mature manufacturing technology. It has the functions of sand making and shaping. It can deal with blue stone < 80mm with the output of 110-500t/h.

compound crusher sand making machine

Mobile sand making machine

Mobile sand making machine adopts semi-car type structure, vehicle-mounted walking mode, small volume, can access to any workplace and is not restricted by the site condition. The equipment has the functions of feeding, sand making, conveying and screening. The single machine can realize sand making and screening with high working efficiency and flexible transfer.

What is the price of the sand making machine for crushing bluestone?

The price of bluestone sand making machine is not fixed. This is mainly because there are more products on the market and different manufacturers have different costs and equipment prices. The price varies depending on the type of customer you choose. For specific offers, you can consult online customer service for free or send email to