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Advantages and Prices of Broken Limestone Impact Crushers

author:dahua1 time:2019-11-12

Calcium carbonate is a major component of limestone, which is the main raw material for the production of glass. Limestone is widely distributed and has uniform lithology and is easy to be mined and processed. It is a widely used building material. Lime and limestone are used extensively as building materials and are important raw materials for many industries. In order to make better use of limestone and reduce waste of resources, the crusher is often used to crush limestone, making it more convenient to use limestone. Below, let us introduce the advantages of the limestone impact crusher and the price issues that everyone cares about.

Advantages of limestone impact crusher

1. Low cost

The structure of the impact crusher is simple, the structure is scientific and reasonable, and the three-stage crushing is improved to the second-stage crushing, which simplifies the crushing process and reduces the production cost.

2. High efficiency

The back plate of the rotor can withstand large rotational inertia and impact crushing force, and the crushing efficiency is improved. The large feed port design can increase the amount of material to be processed, and the working efficiency is greatly improved.

3. High economic value

The impact crusher is made of high-quality alloy material, and the wear resistance of the equipment is enhanced, which effectively reduces the maintenance time of the equipment, is economical and reliable, and can create higher efficiency for the user.

4. High utilization rate of finished products

The gap between the counterattack and the hammer is adjustable, which can be adjusted according to the different production needs of the user, effectively controlling the particle size of the discharge, the finished product is cubic, no internal grain, excellent grain type, uniform texture, and powder content comparison Less, the use value is high.

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The price of impact crusher 

The price of limestone impact crusher is affected by many factors, and the price difference of equipment appears. Different influencing factors cause different equipment prices. The specific influencing factors are as follows.

1. Equipment production cost

As the saying goes: "One point price, one point of goods", like machine equipment, limestone impact crusher manufacturers are different, the equipment materials used by manufacturers will be different, and for those big brands with brands to come It is said that the production equipment is all made of very high quality materials, and the production cost of the corresponding production equipment has increased, so it will be set high when the price is set.

2. Different regions

The level of regional consumption affects the pricing of equipment to a certain extent. When manufacturers set the price of equipment, they will take into account the consumption level of the region. If people's consumption level is high, the price of the equipment will be higher. .

3. Equipment model

Since the limestone construction site of each customer is different, the model of the selected limestone impact crusher will be different, so the price of the equipment will be different for different models.

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