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Do You know how to choose Impact Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-11-13

Impact crusher is used to deal with materials with length of 100 ~ 500mm, and its compressive strength is up to 350Mpa. It is widely used for artificial sand and stone processing operations in water conservancy and hydropower, highway, hydropower dam, urban construction and other industries. With the features of large crushing ratio, high crusher efficiency, and uniform particle shape, impact crusher becomes more and more popular in the market. No matter the large scale crusher manufacture or the small scale crusher manufacturer, they launched various types of impact crusher. In the face of so many crushers, many customers are confused about how to choose the proper impact crusher. Don't worry, here the expert from Luoyang Dahua will tell you how to choose impact crusher. 

how to choose impact crusher

First, combined with personal situation, choose the proper impact crusher.

Impact crusher has many models and the processing capacity is different, when choose the impact crusher, the customer should choose based on its own situation, and consult the crusher manufacturer, such as the investment cost, annual output, processed material, etc. When choosing, it may not be the better effect, the larger crushing force, reasonable configuration is more important.

Second, focus on machine quality and shop around.

In the choice of impact crusher, in addition to the price comparison, should also pay attention to the quality of crusher, including main machine quality, wear-resistant parts quality. In addition, the hammer, liner plate and impacting plate are the main wearing parts of impact crusher, the good quality can reduce downtime, improve the equipment turnover rate, increase the output of the crusher, and reduce the cost of tons of materials.

impact crusher manufacturer

Third, have a clear mind about the equipment efficiency.

Professional crusher manufacturer will fully understand the user's demand, like site conditions, and evaluates completely according to the material nature, the final product granularity and other factors that may affect the production process, after fully understanding the needs of customers and budget costs, recommend the most economic, more efficient crushing equipment for customers. The good crusher with fast crushing speed, not easy to jam, smooth operation; And the poor quality crusher, although can successfully break the stone, the crushing speed is very slow, not only delay the work efficiency, but also the size of the crushed stone powder is uneven.

Fourth, field investigation, in-depth understanding of the crusher manufacturer.

After understanding the above three factors, the user had better go to the crusher factory for field investigation. After all, seeing is believing, through on-the-spot investigation, can understand the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer, from equipment processing, production, quality control, to after-sales maintenance, and through visiting the factory, you can know the quality of all crusher products, spare parts, and wearing parts, as well as its inventory, really understanding of the crusher manufacturer.

impact crusher factory

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