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Advantages of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2018-12-06


1. Overload protection, this point mainly refers to the phenomenon of overload when the crusher is produced; the system can play a protective role, reducing the damage caused by overload to the production or equipment life;

2. Adjust the discharge port, because the hydraulic cone crusher in use, different product requirements, need different discharge port size, this time you can use the hydraulic system to adjust the discharge port size, which can be better Complete the process of adjustment and save the investment in manpower;

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3. Clear cavity, this is mainly caused by foreign matter entering the crushing cavity, the system can automatically move the moving cone back, when the foreign matter is discharged, the moving cone will be automatically reset, keeping the original row the size of the material port continues to be produced, that is to say, the foreign matter is discharged without affecting the production;

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4. The improvement of intelligence, the hydraulic system in the hydraulic cone crusher, can automatically adjust the size of the discharge opening, automatic clearing effect, and automatic lubrication operation, etc., these are intelligent manifestations, greatly reduced The extent of manual labor has liberated the labor force;

In addition, the hydraulic series of cone crushers includes multi-cylinder series and single-cylinder series, which can deal with different material properties, production capacity, and included models. When selecting these two different series of crushers, it can be done according to actual production needs.