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Advantages of Jaw Crusher Mobile Crushing Equipment

author:dahua1 time:2019-09-19

The development of mobile stations is more and more extensive. The main advantages are high flexibility and small footprint. It is the preferred equipment for small venues. The jaw crusher mobile crushing station equipment is all installed on the carrier frame, including the jaw crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, etc. The equipment is flexible and maneuverable, greatly expanding the concept of rough crushing operations and can be used for strengths up to 320MP. The mobile crushing station is flexible and convenient, and has strong maneuverability, which can save a lot of infrastructure and demolition costs; it can pulverize materials on site and move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials.

The jaw-type mobile crushing plant is a new type of crusher, and the jaw crushing station greatly expands the concept of rough crushing operations. It is designed to stand on the customer's side and provide low-cost project operation hardware for customers' crushing operations by eliminating obstacles that damage the crushing site and the environment.

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Advantages of jaw crusher type mobile crushing equipment

First, the advantages of mobile crushing plant equipment

1. The whole set of equipment is equipped with high-quality crushing equipment with high efficiency and high efficiency. The structure design is light and reasonable, the crushing performance is superior, the product quality is reliable and stable, and basically meets the requirements of course, medium and fine crushing.

2. The mobile crushing station adopts the tire-type body structure design, which is maneuverable, the vehicle chassis is high, the turning radius is small, and the traction steering shaft configuration realizes free transition work.

3. Feature combination unit configuration can not only operate a single unit independently, but also flexibly configure joint operations to meet various requirements such as mobile crushing and mobile screening, and reduce costs.

4. Vehicle traction can be operated on site, eliminating the need to transport materials from the site to the disconnection, reducing the transportation cost of materials. Due to the high chassis and small turning radius, you can travel freely on ordinary roads and rugged mountain roads, and you can quickly enter the scene.

5. Integrate the whole set of units, reasonable and compact space layout, greatly optimize the on-site space, eliminate the complex infrastructure and installation work of the split components, reduce material and working hours consumption, and expand material stacking and transfer space.

6. Oil-electric dual-use design can be configured with diesel generator sets to meet the needs of different customers in different working environments.

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Second, the working principle of mobile crushing station equipment

The material is evenly conveyed into the crusher through the feeder, and after being crushed by the crusher, the closed circuit system is formed by the circular vibrating screen to realize the cycle breaking of the material, and the finished material is output by the conveyor for continuous crushing operation. The jaw type mobile crusher can remove the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production needs, and realize the direct crushing of the material directly. It is convenient and flexible to operate with other crushing equipment.

Third, mobile crushing equipment ship chassis design

1. The chassis of the car body is low, and the ship-shaped steel frame structure is adopted to make the force of the mobile crushing station more uniform, which ensures the stability of the continuous operation of the mobile crushing station and effectively avoids the risk of rolling or falling of the moving crushing station. And because of the high height, avoiding the movement of the crushing station, the super wide cannot lead to the road;

2. The design of the hydraulic support makes the mobile crushing station more reasonable. The framework increases the stability of the mobile station and greatly improves the fluency of the device.

3. High production capacity and low investment cost

The core main engine adopts jaw crusher, which has large output and high production efficiency. Feeding size up to 800mm, crushing capacity of about 650t/h, can break high strength, high hardness, strong abrasive, compressive strength up to 320MP. Once crushed to medium particle size, high productivity, low operating cost, suitable for a variety of materials;

The mobile crushing plant saves a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; it can be opened directly to the site, can move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface or extend along with the construction site, thereby reducing certain investment costs and operating costs.