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Advantages of Tire-type Mobile Crusher Crushing Hole Slag

author:dahua1 time:2019-01-10

1. The investment in tire mobile lithotripter is lower than that of crawler-type mobile station. The lower investment realizes the demand for crushing slag in situ, and reduces the cost of transporting the slag back and forth;                     

2. The tire mobile stone breaker model is numerous, in the choice is more diverse, can individual combat, can be combined production. Moving jaw crusher station, hammer crusher, mobile station, mobile station, multi-cylinder single-cylinder cone, cone mobile station, mobile sand making machine is optional, a standard set of stone factories are generally choose the two cars, a coarse broken car, carrying jaw crusher and feeder, another finely car, carrying vibrating screen and cone back or breaking;

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3. Road transportation and transition are very convenient and are not subject to resource constraints. Road transport can be carried out under the front of the car, no need to rent a separate car. Although the tire-type mobile crusher requires a simple foundation, it is basically a 6-foot or 4-foot pre-embedded anchor bolt, so the transition is very convenient. After a slag is crushed, it can quickly go to the next "battlefield".

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