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Skills of how to repair and maintain Sand Making Machine in Winter

author:dahua time:2019-01-09

Sand making machine is also called as vertical impact crusher, which directly contact with all kinds of hard rocks and ores, that will be worn after long times of use. Therefore, it is important to make a good maintenance. Now, winter comes, the temperature gradually decreased, it's more necessary to mast the skills of how to repair and maintain sand making machine.

Sand making machine is a large scale machine with huge wear and loss. The improper operation or maintenance will make damage for the machine, and the wear parts need to be timely replaced. In order to better play the effect of sand making machine in winter, reduce the abrasion, we must pay attention to the maintenance and repair aspects to prolong the machine's service life.

sand making machine

1. Maintenance of bearing. Bearing is the important and essential part in sand making machine, but it is easy to wear. Bearing should be cleaned every 2000 working hours. Usually, the main shaft bearing should be replaced after 7200 working hours with new one. In addition, the lubrication should be done and always keep clean. If the oil is not clean, it will increase the wear between bearings or other parts.

2. Maintenance of "V" belt. The tension of the driving “V” belt should be properly adjusted to make sure the belt is evenly loaded. When the machine is driven by double motors, the “V” belt beside the machine should be group matched and make sure the length of each side is the same.

3. Maintenance of wear parts. After using for a period, should regularly inspect the inner wearing condition, especially for feeding pipe, conical cap, impeller, upper and lower liner of the impeller, circular guard plate, and so on. If these parts are worn out, please replace them immediately and the wear part should be replaced at the same time with the same weight to make sure the working efficiency.

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