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Three Factors to Improve the Efficiency of Sand Making Machine

author:dahua1 time:2019-01-09

In the production of artificial sand, the efficiency of the sand machine determines the efficiency of the production line, so how to improve the efficiency of the machine, customers and manufacturers are more attention to the problem, here we are to introduce the three factors to improve the efficiency of the sand machine.

1. Improvement of structure

This is a fundamental operation, through the sand making machine structure optimization, to improve its production efficiency for sand, sand structure is decided the root cause of equipment performance, so for the structure improvement, can effectively improve the performance of the equipment, for example, can increase the contact area of the machine and material to improve the efficiency of crushing.

2. Reasonable operation

In the process of sand making machine production, also has a great influence to the efficiency of equipment operation, if the operation is unreasonable, then the machine will not be able to have a good working condition, such as for equipment setting is not reasonable, the rotational speed of the work, not only the efficiency change, also may lead to the change of the finished product quality, operation including content more, of course, any one aspect of the operation, is set in accordance with the requirements of the specification;

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3. Regular maintenance

Sand making machine is in use, the internal parts exist the phenomenon of wear, the wear and tear to make the life of the equipment and performance gradually decline, so when using the machine, need to be regular maintenance operations, generally speaking, the maintenance operation is mainly regular lubrication, and maintenance, etc., whether which aspects of the operation, it shall not be ignored, maintaining system sand machine is one of the important operation of the production efficiency and service life.

Sand making machine is the main equipment for artificial sand production, is an important production equipment for raw materials required by cement, construction and other industries, and the design and development of the machine need to take into account the needs of customers, so whether it is the design of its structure, or for its use and maintenance process, it is necessary to pay attention to.