Product Knowledge

Attentions about the Trial Run of Spiral Classifier

author:dahua time:2018-09-27

The following attentions should be noted when the spiral classifier does trial run:

1. No-load test time is 4 hours;

2. Lifting device is tested twice throughout the whole trail run to check the limit position and adjust if necessary;

3. Before the load test, the water trough should be added to take leakage test, and there should be no leakage;

4. During the load test, the spiral should be started before feeding. When stop the machine, stop feeding first, and then stop the spiral until the rock is transported completely inside the chute;

                    sand spiral classifier

5. During load operation, in case of emergency stop when failure occurs, the lifting device should be started first to lift the spiral blade above the mineral deposit layer and then stop operating. When starting again, the spiral should be started first. When the rotation is stable, the spiral will be lowered slowly until the end bearing contacts the bottom beam seat. It is strictly forbidden to start the spiral blade buried in the mineral deposit layer, otherwise it will cause damage to spiral blade, spiral shaft, reducer and gear;

6. The load test time is 8 hours.