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Ball Mill Factory Price

author:dahua time:2020-03-25

Ball mill is one of the necessary equipment in mineral concentrator. The equipment mainly works before sorting and after crushing, and then grinds to assist crushing to make the material particle size reach the pre-sorting requirements.

ball mill price

How much is one set of ball mill? Generally speaking, the price of the ball mill will involve the ball mill materials, model size, accessories and accessories material, in addition, the production costs, workers' costs and their own brand value will be considered, so each manufacturer's ball mill price is not quite the same. What factors should be considered of ball mill manufacturer? 

1. Material of ball mill

Ball mill barrel, support, accessories and other materials. In order to ensure the quality of the ball mill, in the material selection will mostly choose high degree of metal steel materials, with good plasticity, strong bearing capacity, and also has a certain impact resistance. There are generally common structural steel plate, 16Mn steel and A3 steel quality, etc., because the price of steel is different, so the choice of each ball mill material is to determine the ball mill pricing high or low.

2. Ball mill supplies, accessories

Ball mill grinding not only depends on the barrel to complete, its main consumable is the steel ball. The steel ball material, size, quality and other factors are also one of the standards to determine the price of ball mill. The steel ball material is poor, the price will be cheaper, but the replacement frequency will be more, the ball waste is more. If the steel ball material is good, the strength is high, then the price will be relatively higher, but the overall wear time is long, the ball waste is less. 

Another is the ball mill lining board, the choice of its material is also the main factor that determines the price of the ball mill. Common ball mill lining board is manganese steel lining board, alloy lining board and rubber lining board, each has its own characteristics, according to the specific needs to consider the choice of material, so the ball mill price standard is not the same.

3. Size of ball mill

There are many different kinds of ball mill, even for a type of ball mill, different sizes of type and species has different price. Even the size of the same type of ball mill is different, the price is not the same. Generally the price of the small model of ball mill is cheaper, the model of the large ball mill is more expensive.

4. Production cost and labor cost of ball mill

Ball mill in the production side, in addition to conventional ball mill production, some powerful manufacturer will upgrade for ball mill, develop new product, etc.. In this respect, every breakthrough, the price will be a little rise, because the ball mill effect is certainly have obvious changes, both on the energy saving and efficiency.

Above are some basic factors that will determine the ball mill price. When choose ball mill, should consider our own requirements to choose the suitable type of ball mill. Herr, recommend a ball mill manufacture, Luoyang Dahua. Luoyang Dahua is not only produce ball mill, but also provide the whole grinding and crushing system. From machine design to installation and test, the company are responsible for the quality control, machine test. If you want to know more information, please contact online service or send email to