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Ball Mill Machine Application

author:dahua time:2020-04-14

Ball mill is a kind of equipment used to grinding materials. In production, when the particle size of materials needs to be reduced, the materials will be broken through the crusher first. If the particle size of materials cannot meet the production requirements, it needs to be crushed through the mill. 

ball mill is wide applied in chemical industry

In what fields does the ball mill play an important role?

Ball mill is widely used in the building materials and chemical industry

Ball mill is widely used in preparing cement and various silicate products. In the process of cement production, the material generally needs to be pulverized. At present, there are both dry grinding process and wet grinding process in the cement production process. The ball mill used in cement production generally has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large processing capacity and large crushing ratio.

The ball mill is used in the preparation of coal water slurry

The ball mill is also widely used in the process of preparing oil and coal slurry. The particle size of the final product depends on the grinding quality, which is determined by the grinding process and the performance of the ball mill. It can be said that the grinding process is a key step in the coal water slurry preparation process. Therefore, coal water slurry oil coal slurry preparation manufacturers will require the higher performance of the ball mill machine.

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