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Causes and Solutions of Wearing Parts of Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-12-16

During the use of the crusher, due to the crushing of ore and rock, the internal parts will also be subject to force and wear. As the wear and tear is serious, the machine will have various failures. Failure, it is necessary to find a solution to reduce wear of wearing parts. First of all, we must find out the factors that cause the wear of the consumables before we can proceed with a reasonable response. When the wear is serious, it needs to be replaced to restore the performance of the equipment.

Here is the reason for the wear of the wearing parts, the replacement time of the wearing parts and the solution.

1. Related to the hardness of the feed

Generally speaking, the harder the stone added to the inside of the crusher, the harder it is to break. In the process of crushing, the wear on the consumables is greater. For the same fineness requirements, the larger the hardness of the material, the faster the crushing speed Slow. For this situation, when crushing materials, you should choose the accessories of the corresponding materials according to the nature of different materials, so as to reduce their wear and extend their service life.

2. Related to the moisture content of the material

The moisture content of the material added to the inside of the crusher will affect the difficulty of crushing. Generally speaking, if the moisture content of the material is large, it will easily adhere to the inside of the equipment, and it will also easily cause blockage during the feeding process. If the water content is large, the internal parts of the crusher are susceptible to rust, and then they will easily break when they are worn. Therefore, for materials with high humidity, they can be crushed after processing.

3. Related to the requirements of finished particles

If the required particle size of the finished product is smaller, the crushing process will take longer, and the equipment will be more worn during production. If the finished product requires a larger particle size, the crushing process will be simpler and the wear during production will be relatively light.

4. Related to material composition

If the feed contains more fine powder, it will affect the crushing capacity, because the fine powder will affect the conveying process, and if the feed contains impurities, it will also affect the crushing capacity of the crusher. Will make the crushing process longer and increase the wear of the wearing parts.

How to reduce wear of wearing parts?

1. Select the high-quality ore crusher wearing parts. In production, the part that is prone to wear is the liner. For parts that are easy to wear, a liner with good abrasion resistance should be used, which can directly reduce the wear rate.

2. Pay attention to the design of the consumable parts of the ore crusher. Good design can make the utilization rate of the ore crusher better, thus avoiding severe wear of the parts. Good part design can reduce the friction on the original foundation, thus transferring to the crushing of stones. Therefore, this can not only reduce the wear of the wearing parts of the ore crusher, but also make the capacity utilization rate better and improve the overall performance.

3. For the use of grease, due to the wear surface of the ore crusher, it is necessary to do a good job of lubrication, so that the friction is reduced to a very low level. Among them, the lubrication of ore crusher bearing parts can play a good role and reduce wear.

4. In the process of use, it is necessary to do good maintenance. It is necessary to start from every detail in the daily life, so that the ore crusher is in a good working environment. From the production of various aspects of continuous improvement, reduce the probability of wear and tear of the ore crusher.