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Common Misunderstandings of Maintenance and Repair on Crusher Machine

author:dahua time:2019-05-17

It is very important to take right maintenance and repair in the process of using mining crusher machine, which is useful to prolong the service lift, reduce repair rate and enhance production capacity. But there often exists some misunderstandings on the maintenance of crusher machine in daily operation process, it needs serious analysis to make right solution.

dahua crusher machine maintenance

1. The volume of machine oil, hydraulic oil and cooling liquid should be in the required range. We often see the operators add extra liquid after the required machine oil, hydraulic oil and cooling liquid are filled in their daily work. They thought that the effect will be better. In fact, more liquid will influence the machine's normal working. 

2. Replace period of lubrication oil is according to the machine actual situation and working environment.

3. Screw is not the tighter the better. The function of a screw is to assemble and fasten parts. It must be tighten but too tighten is not better. More tightness will cause deformation, stretch and even breakage.

Luoyang Dahua specializing in the production of mining machinery and equipment such as crusher, reminds the majority of users here to do scientific and reasonable maintenance and repair.