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Cone Crusher Hydraulic System Maintenance Tips, help improve Production Efficiency

author:dahua time:2019-11-14

Cone crusher is used for the medium and fine crushing of hard materials. Because of its strong crushing force, adoption of laminating crushing principle, the uniform particle shape, high fine material content and large output, cone crusher is widely applied in mining industry. Hydraulic system is the main part of cone crusher, the good maintenance is helpful to improve the cone crusher production capacity, complete the crushing process safer and higher working efficiency. Today, the expert from Luoyang Dahua will tell you the maintenance tips of cone crusher hydraulic system.

hydraulic cone crusher

In order to do the good maintenance, we should know clearly about the function of hydraulic system. Cone crusher hydraulic system mainly ensures the machine normal operation and adjusts the size of discharging opening.

Adjustment of discharge opening

When the cone crusher works, the hydraulic oil is injected or discharged from the spindle cylinder, making the spindle moves. The clearance between concave ring and crushing wall increases or decreases, as so to realize the adjustment of discharging opening.

Iron passing function

When the non-breakable materials enter the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system plays an insurance function. The hydraulic oil is injected into the energy storage device to push the spindle down, the discharge opening increases, and foreign matters are removed from the crushing chamber. The energy storage device will press the oil back, and the crusher will operate normally.

cone crusher iron passing protection

How to maintain cone crusher hydraulic system?

Keep the cone crusher inside clean. Ore processing will generate a lot of dust, so in the operation process, should pay attention to dust removal, and at the same time, to prevent water enter into the hydraulic oil.

Keep hydraulic system clean. It is recommended to use the same type of hydraulic oil for cleaning, otherwise, it may damage the cone crusher.

Replace the hydraulic oil, it is important to note that the replacement of hydraulic oil must use the filter, and ensure that the filter is clean. When refueling, the oil level should be within the limited scope.

hydraulic cone crusher machine

Above are the maintenance tips of hydraulic system, in addition, we should also pay attention to the crusher body maintenance, as so to ensure the normal running and higher efficiency. Luoyang Dahua, crusher manufacturer, after decades of development, the company can provide single crusher machine and offer solution for the rock and ore production, welcome the customers to contact us: