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How to turn Construction Waste into New Building Materials

author:dahua time:2018-04-18

With the fast development of industrialization and urbanization, the construction industry also develops rapidly, and then the attendant construction waste is increasing. If the waste does not be treated in time, it would bring adverse effect for the society and environment. Impact crusher has become the necessary crushing equipment in urban construction waste treatment.


PFY impact crusher


Luoyang Dahua implements the calling for green manufacture, through long-term research and continuous technology innovation, the produced impact crusher is popular in the market. The PFY series impact crusher is designed for the crushing of the stone with compressive stress larger than 300 MPa, and Moh's hardness higher than level 6, which is used for the construction waste processing. It has the function of anti-winding and shearing which can effectively treat the rebar and cement in the construction waste. All models are equipped with hydraulic start device, retraction device for the impact rack, and the large-scaled type is equipped with hammer head lifting device. 


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