PFY Series Hydraulic Impact Crusher adopts the heavy type rotor structure, high capacity crushing chamber, high wear-resisting alloy plate hammer, heavy impact-resistance impact liner, multi-point hydraulic adjustment device and hydraulic opening device.
★PFY  Hydraulic Impact Crusher is widely used in secondary and fine crushing of sand and aggregate industry for low-abrasive rocks.


1. The special design of heavy rotor structure provides extremely high rotary inertia and impact crushing force for hammerhead to improve the first time crushing pass rate.

2. The special design of the hammerhead makes its crushing profile remain unchanged during the service life to ensure the stability of the product gradation.

3. The spare parts adopt modular design, which ensures high interchangeability, easy control and low cost.

4. The rear frame and access door can be opened at same time to replace all the wearing parts, which improves the work efficiency greatly.


Model Rotor Diameter (mm) Max. Feed Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
PFY1213 φ1250 300 140-180 80—90% of Discharge
PFY1311 φ1300 300 110-210 160
PFY1214 φ1250 300 140-240 220
PFY1315 φ1300 300 160-260 250
PFY1415 φ1450 400 200-320 315
PFY1715 φ1700 500 360-520 355
PFY1819 φ1820 500 400-650 2×315
PFY1823 φ1820 500 550-850 2×400
PFY2023 φ2020 600 650-1000 2×500
PFY2223 φ2210 600 750-1200 2×560


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PFY Series Hard Rock Impact Crusher Application


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