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Crushing Feature of Tooth-roller Crusher

author:dahua time:2016-07-11

1. Increasing material specific surface area. The specific surface area is increase after crushing that enhances the physical effect and chemical reaction speed. For example, max different types of ore together, the finer the materials are crushed, the higher the mixing degree. Similarly, in the process of gold concentration and iron separation, the more crushing, the higher the output. Cement clinker sintering is a kind of solid-phase reaction, its reaction speed is related to the crushing force. The faster the reaction speed, the faster the sintering speed, this saves some of the extra fuel.

2. Tooth-roller crusher used to make concrete aggregates and artificial sand. The aggregates with different granularity used for concrete preparation are got from the large block of stone after crushing and screening. If lack of natural sandstone, can use crushing way to make artificial sand.

3. Tooth-roller crusher can separate the useful composition from the ore. Crushing and grinding is to separate the composition and impurities that combined and intergrowth from the useful mineral. In this method, we can get purity high grade ore.

4. Prepare for the next process. At coking plant, sintering plant, briquetting plant, building materials and powder metallurgy department, all the raw materials are large, which need to be grinded to a certain size for the next process. At food, chemistry, fertilizer, and other industries, usually crush the raw materials into powder for final use.