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DHM Series High Pressure Grinding Roll

author:dahua time:2017-05-15

Grinding mill is widely applied in the industries like metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, ceramics, construction, and national defense department. Luoyang Dahua DHM Series High Pressure Grinding Roll is a new crushing and grinding equipment with wide adaptability for fine and superfine material process. It has the following features:


1. Applied the high pressure crushing mechanism, the machine will have the higher crushing efficiency, lager crushing ratio and wider adaptability.

2. To adjust the clearance of roll surface automatically, so it can keep the crushing force constancy and makes the better grain shape and finer granularity.

3. The high wear-resistant alloy materials and embedded structure of liners for the roller surface, which extend its service life and make easy replacement without dismantling.

4. Equipped with the hydraulic control system with the reliable performance, which makes the machine protected by the de-ironing and overload functions.

5. The different working pressure should be set according to the different working conditions.

6. The materials will be ground by the constant non-impact crushing pressure from crushing rollers, which makes lower noise with less dust.


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