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The difference between sieving and classification

author:dahua time:2017-05-11

Sieving is to use sieve to divide the materials with wide strength rang into several level according to the particle size.

Classification is to separate the materials into different grade based on the material sedimentation velocity in the medium (water or air).

Following table is the difference between sieving and classification:



Type Working Principle Products Characteristic Working Efficiency Applied Material 
Sieving Strictly according to the particle size With even particle size and same average diameter in sibling products With low working efficiency for fine particle size. >2-3 mm
Classification According to the sedimentation velocity, density would affect the classification work. It is mainly equal setting particle in sibling products. The average diameter of large density particle is smaller than that of small density particle.  The working efficiency is higher than that of sieving method. 

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