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Dahua PLS Sand Making Machine is Moving Forward the Eco-friendly and Economic Orientation

author:dahua time:2016-07-01

PLS sand making machine is the most common equipment for building sand, which wins customer's support and trust in recent years. Dahua PLS sand making machine gains numerous attention for its high production capacity and new principle of eco-friendly.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

1. High efficiency and energy saving, economic and convenient.

PLS sand making machine with the help of self innovation oriented not only saves lots of electric power, but also saves energy. It is the classical energy saving products with stable performance and low energy consumption, which realizes the win-win situation of economy and environment. Dahua sand making machine is widely used in construction industry and plays an important role that is the inevitable choice for most construction company.

2. Technology support and eco-friendly orientation.

PLS sand making machine through technical innovation and upgrading greatly enhancing the products effect, it realizes the upgrading from technology. The dust that generates in the production process is reduced, and the resources recover rate is high. On the one hand, the environmental pollution is reduced; on the other hand, it promotes the resource effective utilization. From design to manufacture and after sale service, it follows strict requirements in each step to make the machine moving forward the new development epochs.