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Hammer Head Introduction

author:dahua time:2016-06-29

Hammer head is the most wear part in hammer crusher. In the professional point of view, the quality of hammer head directly influences the crushing efficiency of hammer crusher. In the process of operation, hammer head not only receives the striking force, but also receives the continuously impacting from the materials. After long-term use, the working surface of hammer head is deformed that influence the smooth working of the machine.

How to judge when the hammer head is need to be replaced?

When the hammer crusher puts into use, the working surface and corner angle of hammer head are well. Hammer head, receiving the impacting effect from the materials in the forward direction that makes the working surface deformed and uneven. In this situation, it will decrease the impacting force, and even reduce the productivity, increase crushing period. Therefore, when the applied force of hammer head is shifted, and the wear effect is changed, that means the hemmer head is to be replaced.

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