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Detailed Treatment Process of Steel Slag

author:dahua time:2021-05-27

The main method of steel slag treatment is wet steel slag treatment. The process of wet steel slag treatment is roughly as follows:
steel slag ball mill
1. Steel particles, iron powder and waste ash are formed by high temperature in the smelting process. In order to effectively separate the steel particles and iron powder, the steel slag is first to be ground to break the structure between the three and make them separate. The best equipment for grinding steel slag is a ball mill.
2. First, the steel slag is evenly fed into the ball mill for grinding. After grinding, the steel slag has been disassembled and transferred through the belt conveyor to select the steel grains. Then the steel slag is sent into the magnetic separator by the conveyor, and the magnetic separator can effectively select the iron powder. The remaining waste ash is discharged from the waste mouth of the magnetic separator. The waste mouth is connected with a conveyor and sent into the ash pool, and the ash pool is cleaned regularly. Waste ash is a good raw material for cement and can be sold to cement factory or steam raising brick factory for bricking. In this way, all the steel slag will be recycled, and the steel slag, iron powder and waste ash will be sold separately, generating considerable economic value. It has the advantages of low production cost and no environmental pollution.
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