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Double Toothed Roller Crusher

author:dahua time:2017-08-24

The double toothed roller crusher breaks the materials with the help of two wear-resistant alloy toothed rollers at high rotating speed.  After the materials entering into the toothed roller (V-typed crushing cavity), under the function of extrusion force and shear force generating by the rotation of toothed roller, the materials are crushed into the required granularity, and then sent out through the conveyor. The two rotated rollers like a sieve, only crushes the large-sized materials. For the materials meeting the required granularity would not be crushed again, so as to save power demand.

Double toothed roller crusher has following features:

◎ It has the function of screening and crushing, which can finished these two work separately.

◎ The crushing teeth configurate in spiral, the relative rotating rollers like sieve, which can screen the small particles and directly crush the large-sized materials. This method avoids the mixing of coarse and fine materials to make sure high output and low power consumption and over crushing.

◎ The tooth structure is optimized according to the products granularity. It strictly controls the materials physical dimension.

◎ The tooth adopts high strength alloy, and the surfacing with extra-hardness wear-resistant material. It is reliable and durable, and easy for maintenance.

◎ It is equipped with overload protection device to ensure the whole machine and system working stably.

◎ The machine is equipped with self-cleaning mechanism, which is suitable for the crushing of wet materials.