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Dry Sand Making VS Wet Sand Making

author:dahua1 time:2019-09-16

In the mechanism sand production line, the main equipment used for dry sand making or wet sand making is basically the same, namely coarse crushing equipment, medium crusher and high efficiency sand making machine. The purpose of both is the same, both for the higher quality of sand, in order to meet the requirements of concrete and dry mortar. However, the main difference between the dry sand method and the wet sand method is that different treatment schemes are adopted for the stone powder and the mud content in the mechanism sand. There are advantages and disadvantages between the two. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two processes.

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The dry sand production line is further developed on the basis of the traditional wet sand making machine production line.

Main equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, impact sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor.

The main work flow: the material is uniformly fed into the jaw crusher through the feeder for coarse crushing, and the crushed material is sieved by vibrating screen. If the particle size meets the standard requirements, it is transported to the finished product pile. Otherwise, it needs to be Repeat the secondary crushing. Impurities such as mud powder produced during the entire sand production process do not require water resources, so it is called a dry sand making machine production line.

Main advantages:

1. The aggregate produced by the dry process, the artificial sand has low moisture content, can reduce the sand storage capacity of the product, and will not freeze in the cold season, and can continue to produce in the whole year;

2. The content of stone powder in artificial sand products can be adjusted by the special classifier, the sand production rate is high, the fineness modulus is matched with the medium sand specification, and the concrete strength is higher. In the specific area, the soil and organic matter content of the source are controlled, and the powder selection equipment is not used in real time, and the artificial sand produced can also meet the requirements of hydraulic engineering and urban construction regulations.

3. No water or small amount in the production process, reducing the water and sewage disposal settings during the wet production process; the production site is small, the operation and management personnel are few, the operation is easy, the active treatment is completed, and the operation cost is low.

4. The production line does not need to be cleaned with water, and the stone powder produced in the production process can be rationally utilized without being affected by drought and cold weather, thus saving water resources and mineral resources to some extent and without sewage and Sludge discharge is more environmentally friendly than wet production lines.

Although the dry production process has many advantages, it saves water resources and also generates a large amount of dust to pollute the air, so we need to add dust removal equipment. Due to the drought and less rain in the north, the sandstone has less moisture content, less soil content and is boring and unbounded, and is easy to be screened and selected. Therefore, dry sand making is more suitable for the north.

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The production process of wet artificial sand and gravel has a long history.

Main equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, rod mill, sand washer, dryer, etc. The main work flow is that after the material is crushed, the sand washing machine is used for cleaning, the dryer is dried, and the vibrating screen is used for screening.

The main process: in the process of stone processing, due to the intense collision and the stone itself has a certain soil content, the machine sand contains a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder. In order to solve the problem of the amount of powder in the mechanism sand, a sand washing machine is arranged in the mechanism sand production line, and the mud powder in the sand is removed by the washing of the sand washing machine to reach the standard of the building sand. This method is called Wet sand production line.

Main advantages:

1. The surface of the aggregate and sand produced is clean, the perception is good, and the quality is good;

2, using a lot of water to rinse, the production environment is free of dust pollution.

It is mainly suitable for areas with heavy rain and abundant water resources in the south. In the southern region, the content of red soil in the sand and gravel materials is high, and the degree of weathering is relatively high. Compared with the northern regions, the hardness of the same kind of materials is small, and it is easy to process into fine powder. The sand is wrapped on the surface of sand and aggregate, which affects the quality. The sand washing machine is Solving this problem plays a key role in the sand washing machine to achieve the standard of construction sand.