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European Version Jaw Crusher Assisted the Rapid Development of Infrastructure Industry

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-15

Jaw crusher, a kind of crusher with high utilization rate in sand and stone industry, jaw crusher is the "veteran class" crusher in the field of mining, also known as high-efficiency jaw crusher, jaw crusher is more excellent in abrasion resistance, compression resistance, or overall structure. Jaw crusher can break many kinds of stones, such as granite, basalt, limestone, quartz, iron ore, bluestone, shale and so on. Its broken stone can be used in infrastructure industry, relieving the tight supply and demand of sand aggregate in the market. So the jaw crusher plays a huge role in the development of infrastructure industry. Based on this, the following is a brief description of the knowledge about jaw crusher, the details are as follows:

First, current situation of sand and stone market

1. Large demand for sand and gravel: sand and gravel is a relatively important component material of concrete, and also one of the raw materials with a large amount of consumption. Therefore, in the current market with the rapid development of infrastructure industry, there is a huge demand for it.

2. Natural sandstone supply: natural sandstone formation period is longer, the entities of natural sand and gravel are not inexhaustible, with the development of infrastructure construction and environmental protection to strengthen gradually, our country has more than half of the area of natural sand resources is gradually reduced, without resources, so in order to replenish sand rigid demand of the market, developed to produce high quality mechanism sand material jaw crusher is the development of the industry will line the road.

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Second, features of European jaw crusher

1. Superior motion characteristics, unique "V" type symmetrical crushing cavity structure, handling capacity more than 15% more than the same type of machine.

2. The unique crushing cavity makes the material utilization rate of the jaw higher, and the jaw can be used interchangeably for four times, so as to achieve even wear of the crushing surface of the jaw, improve the material utilization rate and extend the service life.

3. Compared with movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate, the tooth peak of crushing cavity jaw plate is more conducive to crushing harder materials.

4. The structure design of adjustable transmission Angle, higher output under the same discharge port.

5. Fixed jaw and movable jaw are universal, which can effectively reduce the number of spare parts and make installation more convenient.

6. The discharge port adopts the hydraulic adjustment mode of double jack, which is faster and more labor-saving.

7. The movable jaw and the rack are detachable for easy installation and transportation.

Third, jaw crusher investment prospects interpretation

1. The cost is not high: (1) jaw crusher broken stone material is enough, as long as there is stone can produce stone, in addition, in conditions allow, urban construction waste and mine tailings sand materials can also be used to develop mechanism, so than the price of natural sand and gravel, the raw material cost budget of jaw crusher is not too high; (2) the current market manufacturing jaw crusher equipment manufacturers and users in addition to the consignment manufacturers, there are some direct marketing manufacturers, they give the price of jaw crusher are over value factory price, so in general, the choice of jaw crusher cost budget is not too high;

2. The market demand is large: (1) sand is one of the important raw materials of China's infrastructure construction, in the natural sand gradually exhausted in the current market, can produce comparable artificial sand equipment market demand will not be small; (2) after the jaw crushing mechanism sand processing sand material particle size adjustable, more to meet the different needs of different users of different production, so than natural sand, jaw crusher will be more popular. So in general the future market jaw crusher investment prospects will be a good.