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Fault and Solution of Cone Crusher - Two

author:dahua time:2018-04-25

E. The oil back flow capacity in the tank decreases with the oil level apparently low down.  


Oil Leakage

1. There exists oil leakage from the crusher bottom cap.

2. Oil leakage from diving shaft cover and flange wheel.

3. The ring shape oil return groove of spherical surface bearing housing blockage, or oil over supply, oil leakage from the dust cover.


1. Stop the crusher and find out the reason. Then refuel the oil tank. 

2. Stop the crusher, clean the oil return groove and adjust the oil supply quantity then refuel the oil tank. 


F. The oil comes from the cooler with a temperature of 45℃


1. No cooling water within the cooler.

2. The cooling water with high temperature.

3. Blockage within


1. Resupply the cooling water.

2. Check whether the water pressure is too low and increase the water temperature.


G. There exists water within the oil. The oil level increases within the oil tank.


The water pressure within the cooler is higher than the oil pressure. 


Make sure the water pressure within the cooler is 0.05Mpa lower than the oil pressure. 


H. Cone crusher has been lifted


1. During winter the oil temperature is too low, the oil feeding pressure is too high.

2. The safety valve is malfunctioned, which increases the oil feeding pressure.


1. Preheat the oil.

2. Change the oil pump.