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Fault and Solution of Cone Crusher - One

author:dahua time:2018-04-24

Cone crusher has large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, low power consumption and uniform particle size, which is suitable for the medium and fine crushing of ores and rocks. Due to the improper operation and poor maintenance, cone crusher will appear more or less faults. We only know which fault will appear in the working process, can make it working better and playing the optimal efficiency.


A. No oil flow within the flow indicator, but the oil pump properly running with oil pressure below 0.05Mpa


1. The oil temperature is low.

2. The switch of the oil circuit is not open

3. The oil pump is not properly functioned


1. Heat the oil

2. Properly set the switch

3. Stop the crusher and change the oil pump


B. Oil pressure difference within the front and back oil tube of the filter reason fault


Filter blockage


The filter must be cleaned when the oil pressure passes 0.04 Mpa. First, stop the oil passing through the filter then disassemble the filter needs to be cleaned. Direct oil supply to the crusher should not over 2-3 hours. 


C. Oil pressure rises with the oil temperature at the same time


There exists blockage within oil tube and oil circuit.


Stop the crusher, find out the blockage place and clean the blockage.


D. The oil temperature is over 55℃, but the oil temperature does not rise


Failure of the eccentric bushing


Stop the crusher and check the straight bushing and conical bushing. Find out the failure parts and solve the problem.