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What control the Product Granularity of Hammer Crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-04-23

Hammer crusher is used for the crushing of various kinds of materials with medium hardness and weak abrasion. It has large crushing force and the discharged particle size is uniform. The product granularity of hammer crusher is controlled through the clearance between top hammer head and the sieve surface, which normally maintain a clearance of 10-20mm during the crusher working process. When the hammer head and sieve wear out, the regulation device can adjust the clearance to achieve uniform control of the products granularity.


The temperature of rotor shaft bearing should be controlled under 60 degrees, when it is found to over 70 degrees, check the machine and eliminate the problem. The bearing outer ring of motor at the end shall be tightened uniformly, and the outer ring at the other end shall be left 2-10 mm clearance. And also keep the clearance between the bearing outer and bearing gland.


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