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Fault and Troubleshooting Method of Jaw Crusher (4)

author:dahua1 time:2018-12-03

Fault phenomenon 1: Eccentric shafts bending or breaking

The reason: 

1) During the lifting process of the main machine, the rollover occurs, so that the eccentric shaft is bent by one side; 

2) The hardness of the crushed material exceeds the specification of the product; 

3) The long-term super negative operation of the main machine; 

4) The bracket does not conform to the standard, non-crushed Self-breaking protection when entering the crushing chamber;

5) The eccentric shaft is not properly heat treated, stress is concentrated, causing short-term fracture.

Method of exclusion: 

1) Replace the new eccentric shaft and lift the main machine correctly; 

2) Replace the new eccentric shaft; select the appropriate crusher according to the resistance strength of the broken material; 

3) Replace the new eccentric shaft, adjust the working load or replace Corresponding crusher; 

4) Replace the new eccentric shaft, do not use the brackets and bracket pads that do not meet the design standards; 

5) Replace the new eccentric shaft with the eccentric shaft of the heat treatment price.

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Fault phenomenon 2: Moving jaw fracture

The reason: 

1) There are serious defects such as intensive pores in the casting; 

2) Unqualified brackets and brackets are used. When the crusher is in strong impact, the brackets are not self-breaking; 

3) The moving jaws are displaced in the frame and the bottom end hits the frame side guard; 

4) The tension of the pull rod is not replaced in time after the failure of the tension; 

5) The discharge opening is less than the specified limit; 

6) The feeding position is wrong, and the angle to one end or the lower hopper is too steep, so that the material directly hits the moving head.

 Method of exclusion: 

1) Replace the moving cymbal. 

2) Replace the moving cymbal. At the same time, replace the original brackets and brackets produced by the main engine factory; 

3) Replace the moving jaws. At the same time, properly install the eccentric shaft, bearing, tightening bushing and moving jaws, replace the damaged parts; 

4) Replace the moving jaws. Replace the lever spring at the same time; 

5) Replace the moving jaw. At the same time, adjust the discharge opening as required;

6) Replace the moving jaws. At the same time, the hopper is added to ensure that the material is uniform and stable, and it is divided into two sides from the middle.

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