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Fault and Troubleshooting Method of Jaw Crusher (3)

author:dahua1 time:2018-11-30

Fault phenomenon 1: Bracket fracture

The reason: 

1) The main machine is overloaded or enters the material larger than the size of the inlet;

2) There is non-crushed material entering the crushing chamber; 

3) The elbow plate is not parallel to the heat of the elbow plate, and there is deflection; 

4) The casting has serious casting defects.

Method of exclusion: 

1) Replace the brackets and control the feed size and prevent the host from overloading; 

2) Replace the brackets and take measures to prevent non-crushed objects from entering the crushing chamber; 

3) Replace the brackets and replace the worn brackets, properly installed Brackets; 

4) Replace qualified brackets.

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Fault phenomenon 2: Tension spring break

The reason: When the discharge opening is adjusted, the spring is not relaxed.

Method of exclusion: Replace the tension spring.

Fault phenomenon 3: Adjust the toggle seat 

The reason: 

1) The brackets and brackets pad are purchased or modified by themselves, which do not meet the design requirements of the main engine factory; 

2) The fixing bolts of the adjusting seats are loose; 

3) The casting blocks have serious casting defects or welding defects.

Method of exclusion: 

1) Replace the adjustment seat and replace the original bracket and bracket pad of the main assembly factory; 

2) Replace the adjustment seat and tighten the adjustment bolt; 

3) Replace the adjustment seat.