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Fault and Troubleshooting Method of Jaw Crusher (2)

author:dahua1 time:2018-11-29

Fault phenomenon 1: The output falls short of the factory standard

The reason: 

1) The hardness or toughness of the material to be crushed exceeds the range specified in the instruction manual; 

2) The wiring position of the motor is reversed, the main unit is turned on and off (clockwise rotation), or the motor is connected in a delta connection to the star connection; 

3) The discharge port is smaller than the specified limit; 

4) The jaw plate is displaced; the top of the tooth is opposite to the tip;

5) The field voltage is too low;

6) The clearance between the moving jaw and the bearing is too large, so that the outer ring of the bearing rotates relative to each other.

Method of exclusion:

1) Replace or increase the crusher; 

2) Change the motor wiring;

3) Adjust the discharge opening to the nominal discharge opening specified in the instruction manual and increase the crusher used for fine crushing; 

4) Check the tooth gap size of the tooth plate. If the standard does not meet the standard, the cutting plate must be replaced to adjust the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate. The relative position of the tooth to ensure that the tooth tip is fixed against the root of the tooth to prevent displacement; 

5) Increase the voltage of the site to adapt to the heavy load requirement of the host; 

6) Replace the bearing or the moving jaw.

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Fault phenomenon 2: There is a beating or percussion when moving and fixing the seesaw.

The reason: 

1) The fastening bolts of the jaws are loose or dropped; 

2) The discharge opening is too small, and the bottoms of the two jaws collide with each other.

Method of exclusion:

1) Tighten or match bolts;

2) Adjust the discharge opening to ensure the correct clearance between the two jaw plates.


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