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Fine Sand Aggregate Production Line will become the Trend of the Industry

author:dahua time:2021-03-15

Now, "green environmental protection" is the main premise of the current management of sand aggregate production line, the improvement of the quality of sand aggregate, can make the sand, concrete, engineering construction more energy saving, environmental protection, and green, truly realize sustainable development.

Luoyang Dahua experts to explain to you, what needs to be done in the fine sand and aggregate production line:

First of all, before mining and processing, it is necessary to clean up the soil on the surface of the raw material and control the soil from the source. Then, it is necessary to make reasonable adjustments to the fineness modulus of sand and stone. That is to say, it is necessary to reasonably control the thickness of mechanical sand according to the actual demand. Next, the stone powder content of mechanism sand needs to be controlled. Finally, the moisture content of the finished sand needs to be controlled.

800t sand aggregate production line

1. High aggregate quality, good grain grading

The fine sand and aggregate production line should first pay attention to the indexes such as grain shape and grading, and at the same time, it will also expand the product gradient, including high-efficiency ore powder, asphalt mixing powder, fine mechanical sand, fine aggregate, prefabricated building components and so on.

2. Green environmental protection

Traditional stone production line will always produce a lot of dust and noise, fine sand and aggregate production line is to pay attention to environmental protection. From raw material inlet to finished product loading, fully closed production is realized, the production water is recycled and not discharged, thus achieving zero pollution and zero emission. We have truly achieved synergy between development and governance, and practiced the concept of giving priority to ecology and green development.

3. Intelligent control

The fine sand and aggregate production line has its own intelligent control system to supervise the working condition of each step, and the adjustment can be made in the control room. The whole process of the production line adopts advanced and reliable DCS central control system, equipped with the domestic advanced one-card loading system and ERP management system. The whole line realizes information automation and intelligent management.

stone crushing and screening machine

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