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Foreign Trade Data of Chinese Ore Processing Machinery

author:dahua time:2017-07-05

China is the world's largest exporter of ore processing machinery, with a total export of $24.96 billion in ore processing machinery in 2016, holding 17.9% share in global market.


Where the export of "ore crushing and grinding machinery, screening and cleaning machinery, as well as mineral press molding machinery and concrete mixing machinery" exceeds $200 million, are the main export machineries. The main products include crusher, brick press, concrete mixer, and screening machine etc.


Luoyang Dahua as the famous manufacturer in China, its products are sold at home and abroad. The company owns a number of patented products with strong scientific research strength. The products are jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, PLS sand making machine and the support machinery like screening machine, belt conveyor and so on.