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Impact Crusher Fault Treatment

author:dahua time:2017-07-10

Impact crusher has the advantage of large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, and good particle shape, which is widely applied in the industry of metallurgy, construction material, chemical and light industry, as well as in the electric power department. In order to ensure the impact crusher in high efficiency working condition, we should know how to treat the fault.

Abnormal vibrating

1. It means the material is oversize. Please check the size of feeding materials.

2. Uneven abrasion, which means the hammer head need to be replaced.

3. The running of the rotor is not in balance and needs adjustment.

4. If the foundation is not properly settled, please check the fixing bolts and tighten them.

Bearing overheat

1. It means the bearing is lack of oil, and needs to refill the lubrication oil immediately. However, if the volume of the oil is too much, the bearing will also rise temperature. Please check the oil level before adding.

2. Bearing damage and needs to replace

3. The upper cover is too tight. Please adjust the bolt with proper tightness.

Big discharging granularity

1. The hammer head is worn out. Please turn the hammer head upside down or replace it.

2. The clearance between hammer head and impact plate is too big. Generally, we adjust the clearance to 15-20mm.

3. Material with large granularity may also influence the discharging speed.

Belt overturning

1. The belt is worn out and needs to be replaced.

2. Due to the problem of belt settlement, we must adjust the belt to the same level.