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Good Maintenance is of great importance to prolong the Service Life of Crushing Machine

author:dahua time:2017-06-09

The service life of crushing machine crusher depends on its quality, and on the other, on the proper operation and scientific maintenance. Especially the maintenance is of great importance. The good maintenance can prolong the machine service life.

1. Bearing maintenance

Crusher bearing belongs to the wearing parts, the regular maintenance, like feeding oil, can improve the bearing using life.

2. Lubrication aspect

Should pay attention and take good lubrication for the friction face, to ensure the normal operation. The lubrication oil should be replaced every three month, using the clear gasoline or kerosene to clean the track of bearing roller.

3. Daily aspect

In order to increase the machine utilization rate, decrease the downtime and wearing rate, the daily maintenance should be considered, so as to keep the crusher in good condition, and put into use at any time.