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Green and Environmental Protection Processing - Solid Waste Crushing

author:dahua time:2017-07-21

Green and environmental protection, as well as low carbon living have become the world development melody, and the solid wastes recycling have received higher attention from all sectors of society. The effective crushing of solid wastes plays decisive effect.  

The crushing of solid waste refers to the process of using external forces to overcome the cohesion among the solid waste material and to divide large solid waste into small solid waste

(1) Reduce the volume of solid waste for transportation and storage.

(2) Provide the required granularity for separation of solid waste, in order to recycle useful material effectively.

(3) Prevent the damage of separation, incineration and pyrolysis equipment or furnace caused by bulky and sharp solid waste.

(4) Increase the specific surface area of solid waste, improve the effect of incineration, pyrolysis, and molten operation.

(5) Prepare for the next and further processing. For example, if use coal gangue to make brick or cement, it is necessary to process coal gangue into certain size.

(6) When solid waste is processed with landfill disposal, the waste of compaction density and uniform can speed up the complex soil recovery.

In a word, solid waste processing converts waste into suitable size for further processing or economically sorting or for landfill disposal.