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High Temperature Analysis and Prevention of Mining Equipment

author:dahua time:2017-07-18

With the aging of mining equipment, the high temperature appears in each system directly affect the safety operation and equipment efficiency. Now the experts from Luoyang Dahua will give you the brief analysis and prevention about the mining equipment.

● High temperature of engine

Reason analysis:

1. The radiator is dirty or blocked;

2. Insufficient cooling air volume;

3. Little engine coolant;

4. The coolant circuit is not smooth.


1. Regularly cleaning the radiator;

2. Do not adjust the angle of the cooling fan blade. For the fan blade with serious abrasion, can make slight adjustment, but should make sure that each fan blade has the same angle, in case of breaking the dynamic balance of cooling fan;

3. Check the liquid level of coolant before starting the machine on each shift, and add the liquid if needed.

● High temperature of hydraulic oil

Reason analysis:

1. The hydraulic oil is too little, which causes the heat generated in the working process of hydraulic element cannot be fully emitted;

2. The hydraulic system is leaking;

3. The hydraulic oil viscosity is not correct.


1. Check and clean the oil radiator of air compression;

2. Check whether the thermostat valve is working normally;

3. Retract each hydraulic cylinder to check whether the oil level is normal;

4. Check whether there are leakage phenomena in the control valves. If there is a leakage phenomenon, some of the hydraulic movement will not sensitive, and find the leakage point according to the actual operation.