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Hammer and Rotor- Main Components of Hammer Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-07-29

The main working components of the hammer crusher are hammer and rotor, which has great influence to the hammer crusher. As we all know, hammer crusher utilizes the impact force to crush the material. It is mainly used for the crushing of medium-hard material. In this text, let's have a comprehensive understanding of hammer and rotor.

1. The hammer of the hammer crusher 

Hammer is the main component of the hammer crusher. Hammer’s quality, shape and material has great influence to the production capacity. According to the material properties and dimensions to be dealt with, the requirement of the the hammer style, dimension and quality is different.

The hammer is made of high-carbon steel by forging and casting process and it could also be made of high manganese steel. Hammer that is made of high manganese steel could improve the hammer’s quality through hardening process by water to prolong its service life. When the hammer is worn out, it could be repaired by high manganese steel, thus can save the consumption of metal. At the meantime, when crushing large and hard material it is better to choose heavy hammer but the hammer quantity do not too much. While crushing small and soft material, it is better to choose light hammer with large quantity to increase the impact times to the material to facilitate material crushing process.

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2. The rotor of the hammer crusher

The rotor is a high speed rotating component with heavy weight. As a consequence, the manufacturing and repairing of the rotor needs precisely and evenly processing. If the rotor runs unevenly, the crusher bearing have to suffer the centrifugal inertia force besides the weight of rotor. Under centrifugal inertia moment, the bearing could easily worn out and increasing the power consumption and generating vibration phenomenon. Consequently, when the hammer wears out and needs to be reversed the working surface or to be replaced by new hammer, please make sure to replace the hammer symmetrically so that the crusher runs evenly and stably.