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High-performance Horizontal---Three Axle Vibrating Screen

author:dahua1 time:2020-03-11

HTS series three axle vibrating screen is a high-performance horizontal screen developed and designed by our company. The vibrating screen has an elliptical running trajectory, which can generate strong vibration force and ensure the screening and classification effect. It can effectively save space and installation height, and is widely used in the production and processing of sand and gravel aggregates in hydropower, highway, railway, construction and other fields, as well as the classification and screening of materials in construction waste treatment systems. It is also the best choice on mobile crushing and screening stations. 

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Working principle

HTS series three axle vibrating screen uses three-axis block eccentric exciter as the excitation source. The three shafts of the exciter are equipped with counterweights of the same specifications, the gears are forced to synchronize, and the structure is compact, stable and low energy consumption. The power is transmitted to the driving shaft by the motor through the pulley, and the synchronous gear forces the shafts to maintain a stable phase difference, thereby generating an exciting force and forcing the screen box to perform a forced continuous elliptical movement. The material beats continuously along the circumferential direction of the horizontal screen surface with the force of elliptical vibration, and delaminates and separates. When throwing up, the material is loosely layered while moving forward, and the work of classifying and conveying forward is completed during the tossing process.


1. The synchronous three-axis structure forms an elliptical motion trajectory, which can generate a strong vibration force and increase the screening capacity.

2. The vibration angle and amplitude of the vibrating screen can be adjusted to ensure higher screening efficiency.

3. It can be equipped with tension modular steel wire mesh and polyurethane mesh with different apertures.

4. Bearing lubrication can be lubricated with grease or automatically with a thin oil bath.

5. The side panel is folded and fixed to the frame beam and support base with high-strength bolts.

6. The vibration spring uses a compound rubber spring, which has more stable start and stop, low noise, and is safe and reliable.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Outstanding advantages

1. Large elliptical stroke (16-19mm adjustable).

2. Frequency (675-850RPM) and vibration direction angle (30 ° -60 °) are adjustable.

3. It has both the characteristics of a circular vibrating screen and a linear screen. The ideal vibration trajectory can be selected according to the actual material conditions, which is more advantageous for difficult-to-screen materials.

4. Forced three-axis synchronous vibration to obtain a stable working state. Similarly, the screening area is 1.3-2 times higher than that of circular vibrating screens.

5. It is suitable for (horizontal station, mobile station) horizontal or small angle installation, low installation height, small space occupation, stable operation, suitable for various dry and wet screening occasions with restricted installation height.

6. Frequency, amplitude and angle can be adjusted: (1) By adjusting the position of multi-position bolts, the phase angle can be adjusted by 60 degrees, and the increment of each hole position is 10 degrees; (2) By increasing or decreasing the adjustable weight Change the amplitude to obtain elliptical strokes of different sizes, so as to screen materials with different particle sizes; (3) You can easily adjust the frequency by changing the diameter of the active pulley.