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Highway Construction Express

author:dahua time:2019-05-28

Vietnam expressway: Vietnam’s key North-South Expressway project attracts French, Japanese and South Korean firms joining in, the tender will remain open until 9th July.

Bosnian motorway construction: The road is part of the pan European Corridor VC highway which runs from Budapesin Hungary to the Croatian port of Ploce.

Russian highway: A new 729km tolled highway link is being planned for Russia. The route will connect Moscow with Kazan, the route will run through Valadimir, Murom, Arzamas, Sergach, Kanash and Shali.

Thailand road development: Thailand’s Department of Rural Roads (DRR) plans to improve road development. The DRR has the responsibility for over 47,700km of Thailand’s 396,600km road network, upgrading paved and earth roads and delivering bridge projects.