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How much is the full set of sand making production line equipment?

author:dahua time:2021-03-02

The price of the full set of sand making production line generally ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions Yuan, and the specific price is affected by many factors.

sand making crusher production line

1. Different manufacturers and production costs

In this industry, there are many professional sand making equipment manufacturers. Each manufacturer varies in price due to its different production mode, material selection, location allocation, sales mode, and so on.

Different manufacturers have different production costs of their equipment, and the quality of sand making equipment is also uneven, so the price of equipment is also different.

2. Equipment combination is an important factor in determining cost

Professional mechanism sand equipment is not only a simple sand making machine, but also includes professional crushing equipment, conveying equipment, screening equipment, and feeding equipment, etc. The price of this equipment will affect the overall investment.

In addition, there are many specifications of individual sand making equipment, including the commonly used pebble 60 tons sand making machine, granite sand making machine, 100 tons stone sand making machine and so on. The choice, quality, function of the equipment itself are not the same, the price is not the same, the specific type depends on the customer's own choice.

sand making equipment

3. Objective factors affect the price of sand making machine

Market competition, steel prices and other objective factors will also affect the price of sand making equipment, customers should consider comprehensively when buying equipment.

The above is the answer about the general cost of the full set of sand making production line equipment. I hope it can help you! If you want to know more about sand making crusher machine, please visit:, or contact the online servicecrusher manufacturer.