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How to Choose Roller Crusher Bearing

author:dahua time:2019-05-05

Bearing is one of the most essential parts of roller crusher, if the roller crusher bearing is bad, it will speed up the wear of equipment, and thus accelerate the bearing replacement cycle, increase the equipment failure rate and the production cost. What are the precautions for selection of roll crusher? Below is suggestion from Luoyang Dahua.

1. The size of bearing. When choose the bearing, we should determine the size of bearing. The larger shaft generally choose roller bearing, smaller shaft choose ball bearing.

2. The adjustment capacity of the bearing is differ for the roll crusher center line and the center line of the bearing pedestal, and the angle is different, or bearing spacing is bigger and less rigidity of shaft, and then you can choose roller bearings with good regulatory or spherical surface ball bearing. These bearings can maintain the normal work under the condition of the tilted slightly.

3. The speed of the bearing on the roller crusher bearing has its own range of speed, bearing itself has its own limit speed. If the bearing exceeds its own speed, it will appear bearing heating, dry lubricant, serious will also lead to the situation of the bearing stuck.

4. Be sure to know the load of bearing. If it is large load, select roller bearing, small load select carbon steel made bearing.

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