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How to Choose the Lubricating Oil of Hydraulic Cone Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-17

Hydraulic cone crusher is the ideal secondary crushing equipment that combines machine, electricity, liquid technology and material crushing technology. For hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic system and lubrication system are two main control systems to protect the control system. Normal operation can better operate the cone crusher and improve the production efficiency of the cone crusher. The lubrication system of the cone crusher is very important. To ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system, it is necessary to choose the right lubricant, just like people wear clothes, wear different clothes in different seasons and different occasions, and the same lubricant. It is necessary to choose according to seasonal changes and machine operation. Today, let me introduce you how to choose lubricants!

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First, the season is different, the lubricant is different.

1. The temperature from winter to spring is relatively cold. It is recommended to use relatively slippery lubricating oil. Most of the autumn season continues the high temperature in summer, so it is recommended to use relatively thick lubricating oil.

2. The viscous lubricating oil will become more viscous at low temperature, which is not conducive to the application of the parts that need lubrication. The relatively slippery lubricating oil can achieve the effect we want; the thick lubricating oil at high temperature It will become relatively slippery and can adhere well to the parts of the equipment that need lubrication. If a very slippery lubricant is used, the adhesion on the lubrication system is relatively poor.

3. Lubricants that can be used in different seasons are as follows: general temperature is 40 oil oil in spring and autumn, mechanical oil No. 20 or 30 in winter, mechanical oil No. 50 in summer, and No. 10 or 15 in winter in alpine region. Mechanical oil to meet the normal operation of the equipment.

Second, the component pressure is different, the lubricating oil is different.

For the components of the cone crusher, parts that work under heavy loads require a more viscous lubricant. For example, when the bearing pressure is large, the oil is pressed out from the bearing and then operated in a dry state, which tends to generate a high working temperature, so a more viscous lubricating oil is used.

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Third, the component speed is different, the lubricating oil is different.

When the rotation speed is large, the oil with less viscosity is used; conversely, when the rotation speed is small, the oil with higher viscosity is used. Because too dry or viscous lubricants usually cause a rise in bearing temperature for faster speeds. When the speed and pressure are relatively large, the oil with less viscosity will not be squeezed out of the bearing, because when the shaft rotates, the oil is sucked very strongly, the oil pressure is squeezed between the sliding surfaces, and the sliding surface is separated , thus forming a liquid friction.

In the process of running the cone crusher, friction occurs between the surfaces that are in contact with each other and have relative motion. Overcoming the friction requires a certain amount of work, which reduces the efficiency of the machine. These frictional work are converted into heat, which is unfavorable to the movement of the machine. Friction is one of the root causes of the wear of the parts. It has been proved that to improve the friction condition of the surface of the part, the most effective method is to properly lubricate the machine. Improve the efficiency of the machine, and extend the life of the parts to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, we need to choose the right lubricant according to seasonal changes and machine operation.