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How to Maintain Crusher in Summer

author:dahua time:2016-06-28

The coming of summer will inevitably affect the operation of machine. In general, the running machine like crusher will generate heat, together with its higher temperature, it makes the total temperature keep rising, which is a burden for the crusher operator and other people work around the machine. Then followed physical uncomfortable, machine fault, all these factors indirectly cause economic losses. So it is necessary to lower the machine temperature in summer.

Normally we can take consideration on the following points to reduce temperature:
For the crusher working inside the room, the simple method to reduce the temperature is lower the indoor temperature. Because the indoor temperature is lower than the outside, together with some external device, such as electric fan, air condition, etc, can reduce the temperature to prevent machine’s temperature is too high. In addition, you should pay more attention to the temperature during the process of running, if the temperature increases rapidly, stop the machine and check, or increase exhaust air rate to ensure its normal operation.

For the crusher working outside the room, it is not able to apply the above method. You can reduce the utilization rate of machine, lower its power, decrease its heat emission, or place the sunshade around machine to prevent direct exposure to the sun. These can be very effectively in reducing the temperature of the machine. Preventing moisture is another factor to pay attention. Summer is a raining season, so it is necessary to prevent mildew and moisture in case of affecting the machine operation, especially in the motor, we should protect it from rain.

Reminding by Luoyang Dahua that it is necessary to reduce temperature of machine in summer, just like human being, hot weather may lead to heatstroke. Crusher will appear fault or stop operation for the higher temperature. So it is important to cooling temperature in time.

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