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How to Reduce the Spare Parts Replacement of Hammer Crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-07-25

Grates are the common spare parts of the hammer crusher. When unbreakable materials fall into the hammer crusher chamber, it may severely block the grates. The material in the crusher chamber may increase the work-load of grates, which may easily cause the broken of grates.


1. Properly reduce the height of rib plate, take higher 50mm than the rib plate as the standard. Moreover, we can weld reinforce plate on the side of the rib plate to strengthen its strength and make sure the reinforced rib plate can withstand wearing and impacts.


2. After the installation of hammer crusher, we need to clean up the crushing chamber of the hammer crusher before put it into production. Make sure the obstacles and small parts are out of the crusher.


3. Reduce the chances of iron block and unbreakable objects falls into the crushing chamber. We usually let the material to be crushed goes through the magnetic separator first to remove those iron block or unbreakable material.


4. The operator should make regular check on the machine during machine operation. When hearing strange noise, please stop the machine and have a check. Remove obstacles out of the crusher to avoid the rib plate damaged caused by them.