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How to Remove the Dust from the Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2018-10-17

We know that the crusher will inevitably produce some dust in the production process. It will pollute the environment after a long time, which is not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, we must find a way to do the dust removal work and remove the dust. For the jaw crusher, the dust removal can be carried out from the following aspects.

1. Analysis of dust source of jaw crusher.

The dust source of the jaw crusher mainly includes the feeding port, the discharging port and the chute. During its work, large pieces of raw stone are crushed, impacted, broken, and then slipped through the chute to the belt conveyor below. This process will produce a large amount of dust, the concentration of which is as high as 500mg/m3~2000mg/m33. After the dust is generated at the dust source, it will spread around the dust source under the action of the airflow in the environment to form dust pollution.

2. Analysis of dust production at the feeding port.

Because some jaw crushers are not fully enclosed and sealed. When the crusher is working, the stone is squeezed and impacted, and the air in the gap of the stone powder is squeezed to move outward at a high speed, which drives the dust to escape together and instantly raises a large amount of dust. The dust-laden airflow is discharged downward (small part) through the chute or upward (mostly) through the feed port to produce a high concentration of dust around the feed port.

3. Analysis of dust production at the discharge port.

After the stone is broken, it is discharged to the receiving equipment (belt conveyor) at the lower part of the crusher via the chute. As there is a drop between the feeding port and the unloading port, the stone powder flow produces shear action with surrounding air. The air is sucked into the material flow, the stone powder flow gradually diffuses, and the dust is constantly flying outward due to mutual entrainment. At the same time, the conveyor belt has a movement speed, the stone powder flow and the impact of the belt surface, in the moment at the unloading port dust, and flying to the surrounding.

4. Method for dust diffusion control of jaw crusher:

(1) Sealing control Seal the dust-producing point with a sealing cover, and try to spread the dust as much as possible.

(2) Eliminate the difference in height potential energy. The high potential energy difference caused by the drop of the powder in the hopper, protective cover and chute of the handling equipment is the main reason for the dust to overflow. The drop should be minimized and the inclination of the chute should be reduced. Some closed chambers are best to cause negative pressure. This is conducive to the collection of dust.

(3) Wet dust removal and exhaust dust removal. According to the cause of dust generation, countermeasures for controlling the dust source can be separately formulated: spraying device at the feeding port and the tape transfer point, and controlling the amount of water to humidify the stone, can greatly reduce the dust pollution at the transfer point in the crushing workshop; when the transfer point Especially when the underground transportation of the underground material is poorly ventilated, the centrifugal fan should be used to force the ventilation to enhance the dust speed and air volume. When the tape runs to generate dust, the bag dust collector is used to control the dust source.