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How to Use Crusher to Achieve the Best Dedusting Effect?

author:dahua1 time:2019-08-05

In the process of producing aggregates, it will generate plenty of dusts, which not only pollute the environment, but also bring great harm to the workers' health. Therefore, it is necessary to find the solution in the process of aggregates production.

Crusher manufacturers try their best to find the solution to solve this problem by updating products technology to reach the best dedusting effect. To achieve this goal, it is not only the responsibility of the crusher manufacturer, but also needs the efforts and cooperation from the customers. One crushing machine, even with the good dedusting system, if the customer do not take the effective measures in the operation process and the later maintenance, the effect of dedusting device will be reduced, and weaken with the using period.

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The detail methods are as follows:

1. The user should replace the key accessories of the dedusting device, and purchase the proper components according to the specified device to reduce the machine's fault rate.

2. When crush dry materials, can spray properly at the feeding opening. 

3. The machine operator should take regular maintenance and repair for the dedusting device, If found the problem, should solve it immediately to ensure dedusting device work normally.

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