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How to clean the Crusher correctly?

author:dahua time:2021-02-24

Crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment. After using the machine, the correct inspection and maintenance must be done. In the actual production process, many customers do not pay attention to the cleaning of the crusher when they use it, but if they do not clean it, it will affect the operation of the crusher equipment and expand the maintenance cost of the equipment. Therefore, cleaning is also an important part of the maintenance of the crusher. Here is to introduce the cleaning work of the crusher:

Note: The first thing is to pay attention to the safety problem. Switch the power off before cleaning.

crusher machine maintenance work

1. Clean the crusher inlet and outlet

Check the inlet and outlet to see if there is material residue. If there is, it should be handled in time to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the outlet and the inlet, otherwise it may affect the quality of the finished product.

2. Clean the crusher belt

Check whether there are oil stains on the belt and pulley. If there are, wipe the belt and pulley with a clean cloth in time. Do not leave any stains or dust.

3. Clean the outside of the crusher

The cleaning of the outside of the crusher is mainly the cleaning of the surface of the casing and the cleaning of the ground. The cleaning work of sand making machine is mainly to prevent the crusher from blocking material and other fault problems and ensure the normal operation of the crusher.

4. Clean up the inside of the crushing chamber

Check whether there is other debris in the crushing chamber of the crusher. Note that the power should be disconnected before cleaning. When opening the inside of the crushing chamber, first clean up the remaining material around, and then clean up the remaining material on the hammer head. The cleaning of the crushing chamber should be carried out before the equipment starts up, so as to reduce the load when the equipment starts up.

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